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How to Get Ready for Your Clean: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners and Short Term Rental Owners

Hiring a cleaning service can be a lifesaver, especially when life gets busy. It’s, quite literally, a breath of fresh air knowing that your home will be thoroughly cleaned without you having to sacrifice your invaluable time. To make the most of this service, a little preparation goes a long way. Here are some tips to ensure a successful visit:

Messy ling room with stuff on the floor

Here are some general tips to prepare your space for your upcoming cleaning appointment with On the Flye:

1. Declutter for efficiency:

Take a moment to declutter your home. Clear/tidy busy spaces and remove/stow magazines, books, toys, papers and set them aside for the time being so that our cleaning stewards can effectively and efficiently focus on deep cleaning the areas at hand. We will happily put items back for you, neatly, if need be. Just let us know!

2. Secure valuables and belongings:

It is recommended that you keep any valuables and important belongings/documents in a safe place. This gives you (and our team) peace of mind and ensures that everything will still be where you left it when we’re all done cleaning.  Putting your valuable items in boxes or in a safe space prevents them from falling off surfaces and being accidentally damaged. This step is especially helpful when doing the deep clean or when specific areas need attention during maintenance cleans.


3. Prepare your pets:

Dog lounging on a couch

Pets are like family so if you have any furry companions with you, please notify us ahead of time and let us know any instructions that you may have to take care of their needs. We are happy to feed and water your fur babies while you're out. We LOVE animals here at On the Flye and an introduction while you are home is a necessity if they will be out and about while we clean. Generally, its a good idea to have them out of the way when we come but not necessity if the proper introductions have been made and everyone feels safe and happy.

For bathrooms, here are some helpful ways to prepare the space:

Towels neatly stacked with soap and brush place on top

1.  Remove personal items:

Remove clutter from the countertops, including toothbrushes, skincare products, soap dishes, and any other personal items and place them in a basket or bin. We can put them back for you! This time a great one to declutter items that are no longer needed such as empty bottles, expired products, or items you don’t use anymore.


2. Set aside towels and mats:

Gather used towels and bathmats and place them in a laundry basket. Then, bring some of your clean ones out so that we can replace them once we’re done cleaning the space. If you want us to put the used towels and bathmats in your washing machine, notify us so that we can set you up with the Captains Choice package to assist with regular laundry needs.

Help us prepare the kitchen too by doing the following:

Messy kitchen with a lot of dirty dishes scattered

1. Put away your dishes:

Free the sink and countertops of any dishes unless it is agreed upon that dishwashing is part of the services. You can also let us know if you want us to just put them in the dishwasher and we’ll be glad to oblige. If dishes are a pain point for you, consider signing up for the Captains Choice package.

2. Clear out your appliances:

If you requested us to clean the interior of your appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens, please empty them and set the items aside so that we can easily clean the interior of your appliance. We’ll organize and return the items you have removed once we’re finished cleaning.

For Bedrooms, here are some things you can do:

An unmade bed

1. Change of bed linens:

Remove used bed linens and place them in a laundry basket. If fresh bed linens are to be placed back on the bed, leave them out in a visible area, such as on top of the bed or on a nearby chair.


2. Pick up stuff off the floors:

Pick up clothes, shoes, and personal items from the floor to allow for efficient vacuuming or floor cleaning. Clearing the floor space will also help prevent any items from being accidentally moved or misplaced during cleaning.


Last but not the least, here is how you prepare your living rooms:

1. Secure your Electronics:

Secure and tidy any cables by using cable organizers or ties to prevent them from tangling or getting in the way during cleaning. Place remote controls in a designated spot where they are easily accessible but out of the way of the cleaning process.

2. Decorative Items:

Adjust or remove delicate decorative items from surfaces to be cleaned to prevent them from being knocked over or damaged. If possible, place delicate items in a safe location until cleaning is complete to ensure they remain undisturbed.


Woman listening to some music while folding her clothes

So, to get ready for your clean, just keep in mind that the general rule of thumb when preparing your home is the word “declutter”. We tremendously appreciate anything you do that allows us to do our job more efficiently. We want to focus on cleaning your home AND if organizing is an area you could use a little assistance, let us know. We would be happy to arrange a consultation. Of course we understand that sometimes things get away from us and that's okay! At the end of the day, we are here to help you and make your life cleaner, healthier, and easier.

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