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At On the Flye LLC, we bring the finesse of yacht detailing into every aspect of our rental property maintenance services. Our approach goes beyond standard cleaning, focusing on creating an environment of unparalleled cleanliness and meticulous order, reminiscent of the luxury and precision found in yacht care.

Join us in setting a new standard in rental maintenance, where the precision of yacht detailing meets the comfort and elegance of home.


  • Countertop + surfaces wipe down

  • Tops and fronts of appliances 

  • Cabinet wipe down

  • Checking refrigerator and drawers for left behind items and wipe down

  • Sink clean 

  • Remaining dishes 

  • Sweeping and mopping/steaming.



  • Shower/Tub wipe down.

  • Sink surfaces, basin, and faucet polish

  • Mirror

  • Toilet from top to bottom and inside the bowl

  • Replacing soaps, toilet paper, towels. 

  • Checking drawers for left behind items and wipe down

  • Floor sweep + mop


Communal Spaces + Bedrooms

  • Dusting 

  • Vacuum

  • Mopping

  • Trash removal

  • General Tidying 

  • All linens will be washed or replaced for next guests*

  • Bed making

  • Checking drawers for left behind items and wipe down


Extra Information

In the spirit of our yacht detailing excellence, we bring the same meticulous care to your rental properties. At On the Flye LLC, we ensure each transition is as seamless as a calm sea. Our crew meticulously tends to all details, from dishwashing to linen refreshing, ensuring every space is as pristine as a luxury vessel. 


Beyond cleaning, we serve as your vigilant lookout, reporting any items left by guests and keeping you informed about supply levels. It's about providing a turn-key experience for you, akin to preparing a yacht for its next voyage. We ensure every guest is welcomed into a space that’s not just clean, but reflective of the finest standards at sea.

*Linens that cannot be washed during the time we are at the space will be taken offsite to be laundered for an additional $/lb. 

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