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Cleaning Service Details

We offer a variety of services to help you keep your spaces looking fresh and feeling clean.  All of our products and solutions are supplied by b corporations and will clean your home safely while reducing our carbon footprint. On the Flye is an insured cleaning and detailing company that works for the community to provide you a carefree and turn-key service.

We will come as often as scheduled and will provide a thorough clean of the home keeping dust and grime at bay. Depending on needs and wishes of the client we will adjust our focus each week to keep your home looking fresh and clean. Typical time for service: 3-4 hrs

Like a weekly and bi-weekly clean we do our regular maintenance cleaning with additional laundry service and trash removal and offer additional services upon request ie. Welcome baskets, wine, floral arrangements.

Typical time for service depends on size of home and amount of additional services requested.

With this service we really go in with a white glove. To begin any weekly and bi - weekly schedule, we start off with a deep clean. This allows us to get your home where we need it to provide the best weekly clean. Typical time for service depends on size of home, length of time since last deep clean, additional services.

Yacht detailing is a joy for us here at On the Flye. We provide a top to bottom clean with a major focus on keeping varnish and stainless looking spotless. Just like our rental services we offer laundry, welcome baskets, wine, and floral arrangements. We can even help you provision! 

Every yacht is unique and requires a different strategy so please contact us to schedule a free estimate. 

Are you having a party?!

If you are looking for post or pre-party clean up/set up, lets talk! We would love to come relieve some of the pressure. After a long night/weekend of hosting, the last thing you want to do is clean. With our exceptional team of professionals we can remove that chore off of your list!

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